The Hype of The Babymoon

As your baby bump begins to grow so may your desire for one last hurrah before the stork makes that special delivery! In recent years, “babymoons,”  a vacation a couple takes prior to having baby, has become the “it” trend.  And like all good trends, it’s here to stay! 

Parents are on the hunt for a safe and practical escape, and at G World Travel we can totally help with that! Parents-to-be are more inclined than ever to book a vacation prior to baby’s arrival and use the opportunity to relax and spend quality time as a couple.  Even if it’s just a few days away, the popular babymoon is a great way to prepare your hearts and minds for baby. When you are back at home, you’ll be heading into parenthood with light hearts, clear heads and fond memories from when it was just the two of you.

Whether you love exploring in a city filled with history and culture, taking in sweeping mountain views, relaxing on a beautiful beach, or getting pampered at an upscale spa, there are amazing babymoon options for any type of vacation.  Zika

Babymoon requests have become the new normal at G World Travel and it usually leads right into the conversation of the dreadful Zika mosquito.  Those pesky bugs are still a concern in 2019, although, there are less cases than in previous years.  Luckily, there are beautiful, Zika-free destinations that will take care of your vacation itch.  From the island of Bermuda to the newly cleared Bahamas, and The Cayman Islands, these Caribbean destinations are perfect for a Zika-free babymoon.  They offer some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, fine dining and warm temps.  The options don’t end there.  Enjoy a vacation to the picturesque island of Kauai, or fall in love with the southern charm of Charleston, South Carolina.  Looking for something international? The Amalfi Coast is never one to disappoint and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a perfect place for some R&R.  Be Realistic 
That food tasting tour in Italy might not be the best option and the 22-hour travel time with multiple connections to Fiji, also may not be the best idea.  Don’t let that spoil your plans.  There are countless options, from California and St. Barths to Spain and Portugal. Plus, hotels are now catching on to the babymoon trend and offering prenatal massages, pregnancy yoga classes and more.   Plan AccordinglyMorning sickness, food aversions, fatigue and other symptoms, are common in the first couple of months. Women typically find that once the second semester rolls around, they begin to settle into the pregnancy. I recommend using the first trimester to plan your babymoon and the second semester to travel. Doctor’s OrdersIt’s important for your doctor to clear you to travel. You’ll want to pay them a visit before you plan and don’t forget to pick up a copy of your medical records. Having them handy will be much easier than making calls, in the event you need them while you’re away. So whether it’s a domestic trip to New Orleans or internationally to Lisbon, make sure to discuss this with your doctor prior to traveling. Packing EssentialsBefore you jet off, here are some tips on what to pack so you’re well prepared for your much needed getaway.  Don’t only pack your instagram-worthy wardrobe, cool and light clothing is a must, along with comfortable shoes.  Your favorite belly butter, prenatal vitamins, broad-spectrum sunscreen (It is common to have sensitive skin during pregnancy, so up the ante on your SPF), a wide brim hat to keep you shaded and cool, sunglasses, an all-natural bug spray, a reusable water bottle and a baby-naming book will all come in handy. Travel TipsStaying hydrated is essential especially while baby is brewing. Bring a reusable water bottle, not only stored in your carry-on but also to keep in arms-length while you’re away.  You’ll find yourself drinking more when it is easily accessible. I also love a good facial mist for helping to stay hydrated and for instant relief from the sun’s strong rays.  Toss some healthy snacks in your purse while on tours or excursions. They may even come in handy during those late night cravings.  While not a must, compression socks and a neck pillow will make flying a little more comfortable.  I also strongly recommend asking your travel agent about booking a photography session with a local photographer.  Many hotels have a preferred photographer with experience on the hotel grounds and/or surrounding areas, as well as, maternity shoots and couple portraits.  Many offer exclusive package deals to hotel guests.  It is a special time so why not capture these moments and one day share the pictures with your little person.  Always check in on the CDC’s website for travel advisories that might effect the area you are traveling to.  Finally, remember to relax and unwind while being romantic with your significant other.  It might be the last time for awhile that you can both connect while taking a quiet, adults-only vacation.