Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party can be super fun, but let’s face it – it’s also super stressful.  With anywhere from 5 to 20 ladies traveling from different cities with different schedules and budgets, you want to make sure the destination you pick is fun and easy for everyone.  With over 10 years of experience, I put together the best and most popular destinations to consider when celebrating the bride-to-be. 

First thing is first, before even looking into destinations, contact a travel agent! Discussing the multiple destinations, airports, airlines and hotels with a large group can get overwhelming.  Listening to different opinions and requests while playing the man in the middle between the bride and the travel agent, sounds like a full-time job.  I like to make it easy and convenient for my groups.  Let me be the point of contact and relieve you of the workload.  For instance,  if someone has a preference of airline or needs to travel on alternative dates, I will make it work! While one person may want to travel straight from work on a Friday evening, someone else may prefer starting fresh on a Saturday morning.  Someone from New Jersey might prefer Newark airport while you live only minutes from JFK in New York.  Regardless of the reason, I am happy to accommodate everyones’ requests. Let me help you stay organized and give each of the girls the personal attention they deserve.  Also, in most cases, 20 different girls means 20 different forms of payment.  You’re trying to plan a bachelorette party, not be a personal assistant.  Collecting all different forms of payments while keeping track of who paid what and when is unnecessary.  Which reminds me, websites and most other travel agents, do not accept multiple forms of payment or the choice to pay with a small deposit.  At G World Travel, that is not problem! This should be a convenient, fun experience for all, and I can make that possible. 

From wild and crazy nights on the town to low-key, relaxation on the beach, G World Travel is ready to help any bride and her crew plan a fabulous “last-fling-before-the-ring”.

Cancun offers something for everyone. Basking on the beach, popping bubbly at high energy nightclubs, taking an adventurous outdoor tour and being pampered at a lavish spa, are all great ways to celebrate with the bride-to-be. Cancun is also home to some of the best all-inclusive beach resorts on the Caribbean coast. All-inclusive resorts include all your meals, beverages(liquor too!) and on-site activities. This helps to keep everyone within a budget while avoiding the awkward scene when the bill comes at dinner.

Las Vegas is a no brainer. As the unofficial bachelorette party capital, Las Vegas has a wide range of options to craft the perfect experience for any bride’s last fling. Luxurious suites for some pre-gaming, celebrity DJ’s at infamous nightclubs, star studded entertainment and 5-star cuisine are just a few reasons to put Vegas at the top of your bachelorette party list. Plus, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Napa Valley is a scenic spot perfect for the wine lovers. Chic accommodations, world class spas and lush vineyards all combine to make Napa Valley a fun choice for a bachelorette party. Consider renting a limo, hopping on a party bus or biking your way through the picturesque vineyards. So, grab your espadrilles and sun dresses for a sophisticated weekend among friends in the main wine growing region of the US.

Miami is a lively, bright city with so much incredible culture, nightlife, beaches and food. Miami delivers a tropical vibe without having to leave the country. You’ll be enjoying pool parties during the day and the hottest nightlife in the evening. And, it doesn’t stop there. Miami offers fabulous shopping, museums, art galleries, and cafes. It is an affordable destination with many flight, hotel and airport options, making it super convenient for everyone.

Ibiza is the party capital of the world known for its wild nightlife, open air clubs and pool parties. making it the perfect place for a spicy, tropical getaway with your besties. For days when you want to slow things down, enjoy the fine cuisine, culture, shopping, beaches and sightseeing. If you have chosen Ibiza for your bachelorette party, in all probability it will have been because of its clubs and parties and there is no shortage of them.

Montreal offers a European experience minus the long-haul flight. Brush up on your French while taking in the amazing blend of European and North American culture all mashed into one. You and your girls will feel like you have escaped to Europe. Spend a day shopping and chowing down on some authentic poutine and beignets. In the evenings, you’ll have no problem finding a fun party scene with top international DJs spinning your favorite tunes.

Full of southern charm, Charleston will spoil you with charming surroundings, world-class restaurants and beautiful beaches. During the day, plan a yoga class on the beach, a boat cruise on the bay, brunch at a popular southern cuisine restaurant or bike around town. Come nightfall, the city of Charleston transforms into one big nightlife district. Relax, recharge and party your way through this historic, vibrant city.

Easily one of the best times I had on vacation was to Cabo. Cabo’s beautiful beaches and thriving nightlife definitely do not disappoint. As I mentioned for Cancun, Cabo is another area in Mexico, also offering some of the best all-inclusive beach resorts. It offers a variety of activities that appeal to all types of travelers. Looking for a spa day, a fabulous pool scene, adventurist tours, great shopping or wild nightlife? Cabo has it all and then some!

Born and raised in New York, I can tell you, believe the hype! And, for those of you who are also New Yorkers, you know the city that never sleeps is a fabulous stay-cation spot! Surround yourself with endless entertainment, world-class culture, shopping, dining and nightlife in this urban jungle. Whether you’re a first time visitor or call New York home, there is always something new to discover.

Take a Caribbean vacation without the need for a passport. Puerto Rico is a year round vacation destination with beaches ready to welcome you anytime of the year. Puerto Rico is also known for its great nightlife, beautiful hospitality, picturesque beaches, historic sites and latin-cuisine. Spend some time trying your luck at a casino or dancing the night away at one of the many dance clubs. Your friends will love the vibrant island with its warm weather and how convenient it is to travel to. Win, win!

Want a Caribbean beach vacation with your besties, without the high cost of one? Well, consider Punta Cana! As one of the more affordable Caribbean Islands, Punta Cana offers numerous all-inclusive hotels located on a combination of gorgeous beaches, all of them wide and boasting clean white, golden sands. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing wellness resort or one offering quite the party scene. You can totally get your zen on here or splash around in a foam party. As the island continues to expand, there are always great deals and new properties to check out.