The Perfect Time to Book

One of the more frequent questions I receive is, “How soon in advance should we book?” My response is always the same.  Book as soon as soon as possible!

Especially on the east coast most of us don’t really have a flexible schedule to play or plan with.  While juggling your kids’ school and sport schedules, and slaving away in the office, it can be hard to find that one perfect week to escape reality. Your free week is most likely the same week as many others.


President’s Day, also known as winter recess is high season on steroids.   The week of Christmas and New Year’s is the pick of the litter when it comes to finding time off.  Whenever traveling on a holiday, whether it be Thanksgiving or Memorial Day, booking in advance just secures the hotel and room category of your choice, and airfare before the inevitable hike in price.  Airlines are typically going to promote a sale with black out dates and restrictions.  Holiday weekends are usually part of these restricted dates. Traveling is simple: supply and demand. Holiday season? Enjoy the inevitable hike in price, with anything, but especially plane tickets. So the gist of it is really; get yourself together, book now!


STOP THE PRESS! You stumbled upon a website offering discount fares? What these particular websites, and even airlines, fail to mention is that these seats are standby or the “basic” economy fare with heavy duty restrictions. Meaning? No seat selection at all, no carry-on luggage, sometimes even no luggage at all and no changes or compensation allowed. Not to forget, the hidden multiple connecting flights instead of a direct one. Our favorite, right? Basically if you read anything that says “sale” or “special offer” and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Back to the hotel, as I’ve already mentioned before, holding out for last minute is a huge risk.  The standard room option is great for the budget seeker but what happens when that category sells out and you’re forced to consider the owner’s suite with personal butler.  You will end up paying too much, with crappy rooms or even being stuck with unnecessary luxurious extras (I mean we’d all love a personal butler IF we could afford it.)  Small note: Are you a family of 4 or more? Most hotels do not allow larger families to book the standard room category.  Larger families are required to book a room category that will comfortably accommodate everyone. When the only room option for your family runs out, you and your family can wave that beach and cold cocktail goodbye.  

Let’s talk cruises.   No one wants a cabin that feels like a closet or is located too far forward or aft.  The location of your cabin makes all the difference for a great vacation.  If you require two connecting or nearby cabins, chance are, if you waited last minute to book, you’re going to be a far distance apart.  Plus, we can’t forget the early booking promotions are always the best deal!Travel dates you need to jump on: Labor Day weekend Columbus Day WeekendVeteran’s Day WeekendThanksgiving 11/28/19Winter break 12/25/19-1/1/20President’s Day 2/16/20-2/23/20Spring recess 4/9/20-4/19/20*College spring break is popular too! Memorial Day Weekend My recommendation is always to book as soon as you can and at G World Travel you can book with a small deposit.  Booking in advance gives you time to pay off your trip and secures you of a seamless, perfect vacation.  Contact us today, you’ll thank yourself later!