Gina Visits The Baha Mar

Chances are, you not only heard of the mega resort but you have seen the commercials, know at least one person who has traveled to the new property, peeped out some celebrity or influencer on the Gram and possibly even contemplated a trip there! Since even before its doors opened, The Baha Mar has been luring all types of travelers from the parents looking for a family vacation, to honeymooners searching for a romantic getaway and spring breakers ready to hit up the pool parties.  With three different hotel chains on the sprawling grounds, it is hard to navigate which is right for you.

The Hyatt Baha Mar is the entry level of the properties.  The 4 star, more budget-friendly hotel, is right smack in the middle of everything.  The Hyatt has six pools, a spa, kid- programs and more.  I like to recommend this hotel to families and those on a strict budget.  The main pool has rock diving, waterfalls and an aquarium cave! Yes, you can totally feel like you’re swimming with sharks!  The action packed pools and central location is great for families with small children.  You’ll also be steps from a flamingo habitat, sharks, sea turtles and stingrays sanctuary and tons of dining outlets.  The Hyatt is where you’ll also find the 10,000 square foot casino which is shared amongst all three hotels.  People staying at SLS and Rosewood also have access to all of these facilities and amenities however, guests of the Hyatt do not get exchange privileges with their neighboring hotels on Baha Mar.  The Hyatt sort of reminded me of a family-friendly cruise ship; everything you could want condensed!

On one side of the Grand Hyatt is the sleek, trendy SLS Hotel, a piece of Miami in the Caribbean attracting an adult only crowd. The SLS guests get additional access to two private pools located right under the familiar staple, pink towers.  Most likely you’ll see groups of beautiful, youthful travelers in their 20’s and 30’s looking for a Spring Break vibe.  The popular “Privilege Pool Party” host a private daily event with the best DJ’s pumping music that can be heard throughout most of the Baha Mar complex. The Hyatt is also home to the infamous Bond night club. From the lobby to the rooms and cabanas the SLS oozes style.   Don’t get this mixed up with being a cheesy, low-budget spring break spot.  The SLS is a 4.5 star hotel adding a sexy, lively atmosphere to Baha Mar.   Travel to the back of the lobby to Cleo, a Mediterranean-style restaurant.  It is one of my favorite dining experiences throughout the whole resort.

The Rosewood is the only way to truly experience an intimate, upscale experience at Baha Mar.   It has a steep price tag but I firmly believe, what the Rosewood is offering and what they bring to the table, makes it well worth it.  It is not easy to bring a 5-star vacation experience to a major complex when attached to two hotels that have a very different vibe and standard.  However, 5-star is well earned! The guest rooms, lobby, a library and the cigar bar are exquisitely designed.  The Hyatt & SLS pack the beach chairs and pools like sardines, while at the Rosewood I found complete serenity.  (I could hear the water fountains in the pool.  Peace and quiet!). The beach and pool attendees were nearby if you ever needed anything, from a cocktail to even a cloth to clean your sunglasses.  There is a refreshing complimentary beverage waiting near the library (only for Rosewood guests) each afternoon and when my butler heard how much I enjoyed it, he prepared me my own personal pitcher.  Which reminds me, I got a mosquito bite one day, and unprompted, I received Off-Spray and 2 different ointment options delivered to me on a silver platter.  Talk about service! The rooms are spacious and are like a mini-vacay on their own.  The staff is very knowledgeable, courteous and hospitable (try to walk through a door without someone trying to hold it open for you with the biggest smile).  Bravo to the Rosewood for pulling off something that was not easy, a piece of heaven in the middle of the busy Baha Mar.

While the three different hotel chains share many facilities, make no mistake they all offer a very different experience.  While the Grand Hyatt, Rosewood and SLS do have their own private facilities for guests reserving a stay with them, they are essentially attached by the Hyatt with shared restaurants, bars, pools, a casino, entertainment, etc.  If you do the right homework or hire the right travel agent, you’ll easily understand how to navigate and get the best experience.  The Hyatt is the cheapest way for travelers to access this hotel. The SLS is where Miami and Vegas meet to attract a young, fun crowd, and the Rosewood where the red carpet gets rolled out for fancy travelers yearning for a boutique style stay.   As you move around the Baha Mar property, you quickly see the hotels are not to be mistaken as the same.  With over 30 restaurants, cafes and lounges to choose from at the Baha Mar complex, there is something for even the pickiest of eaters.  It’s a foodies paradise! The James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz, master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi and master butcher Dario Cecchini,  all have restaurants at Baha Mar.  Authentic hand-pulled noodles, New Zealand’s finest Mojo coffee, several great food trucks that have mastered their specialty quick eats and of course, some authentic Bahamian fresh conch, wrested from its shell, chopped and cooked.  The casino is top-notch, the gym has everything the fit traveler could ask for, shopping from Cartier and MAC makeup to Rolex watches, wildlife exhibits and an array of water-sports.  It’s a child’s and adult’s playground! Reach out to your favorite travel agent for some guidance and make your stay at BAHA MAR an epic one!