Covid19 Destination Wedding Planning

Wedding planning or not, Covid-19 has us all unified with our feelings and concerns.  We are anxious, worried, frustrated and a feeling like a hot emotional mess.  For engaged couples, you have a whole list of concerns on top of what we are all feeling.  How do you navigate wedding planning in the midst of a pandemic? It is probably hard to even get excited with so much uncertainty surrounding us.   Your goals need to be: stay home, stay healthy and focus on activities that are a good distraction!  The good news is, the destination wedding industry is built for communicating from afar and with the right team, it will be stress-free!  More importantly, this too shall pass. Celebrations, traveling, and a simple handshake will become normal interactions again.   After every storm there is a rainbow! Plus, we will all need a SERIOUS vacation after this and take it from me, a travel agent, people are looking forward to traveling again soon!


You’re not alone! Countless couples are trying to salvage their wedding day plans.  Travel agents, event planners, vendors, airlines and hotels too are all stressing over the Covid-19 outbreak.  We are all on pins and needles trying to steer through these unsteady waters.  Whether your wedding was overseas or at home, we are being forced to resign to plan B.  Who said Plan B couldn’t be better than Plan A, though? If your wedding was canceled, although hard to see the bright side of things, you do have it a bit easier than couples who have to wait to see if their wedding date is even in the clear.  It is a waiting game for them, but for you, you have time on your side.  You have the option to postpone and lock down a date ASAP or better yet, take a breather and see where we are in a month or two.  You might want to jump on a Fall wedding of this year or plan for a whole year later.   For now, contact your travel agent,  your wedding coordinator and any vendors you booked on your own.  You do not need to have all the answers but touch base with them so you are all on the same page and so you know how to proceed when you do decide to lock in a new date. Kat over at Paper Love Spell is offering a free digital download for couples to share with guests on their change of plans.  I love the headline and design! This is the perfect way to reach out to your loved ones.


For the couples that are stuck in limbo due to travel restrictions, hotel and airport closures, take a deep breath.  I know, that’s easier said than done but over the next few weeks we will have a better idea on how to proceed.  I am assessing the situation every day and waiting to see if travel restrictions are lifted and if the virus has at least been contained. The best case scenario, your wedding will go as planned! If you have to move your wedding date,  some couples are postponing their wedding date to 2021.  Your travel agent will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your guests’ reservations and work with your hotel, the airlines and transfer companies to make a seamless change.  Together all outlets in the travel industry are waiving change fees.  I know the situation is not ideal but all good things are worth the wait, including your wedding day! 


There is no better time to lock down a 2021 wedding than now! The early bird gets the date and with 2020 brides shifting to 2021, you might want to lock down a date asap.  Locking down your date and your room reservation is simple.  After a room block and wedding date is set, you have plenty of time to plan the other details.  I assist my couples with all the information they need and then introduce them to their on-site wedding coordinator.  The wedding coordinator will be happy to help with any questions and concerns but won’t look to start planning until months before.  Did you know most wedding day packages will immediately hold vendors for you? So, no need to hunt down a florist in another country or find a caterer on the island.  No additional contracts, deposits or unnecessary homework required! If there is a specific photographer you would like to work with or DJ, you can absolutely book them.  You are not restricted to the hotel’s vendors!  While being quarantined is anything but fun it is great timing to find inspiration on Pinterest, a bridal magazine, reruns of “Say Yes To The Dress” and social media while practicing social distancing.  A little time away from reality could be a good thing during stressful times.  

I always recommend that you focus on solutions and alternatives.  Things are changing every day so if your destination wedding is coming up, check in on any updated travel advisories. You might have to celebrate under a different sunset but I promise the view will still be amazing!